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BBC Knowledge - December 2013 / India

BBC Knowledge - December 2013 / India

BBC Knowledge December 2013
English | 104 pages | PDF | ~105 MB

BBC Knowledge is a magazine for young inquisitive minds where well-researched, handpicked stories are matched with breath-taking visuals to cover science, history and nature. Written by renowned International and Indian experts, its wide range of features provides riveting and up-to-date information on topics as varied as technology, archaeology, natural history and space exploration. With material meant to stimulate the mind, BBC Knowledge looks to empower a generation of young readers.
Issue Description:
We are 3 years old! In this issue, we unravel the mysteries of the Universe in our How Do We special. Right from the Age of the Earth, to the finding out the Speed of Light, to deconstructing the Structure of An Atom and How the Continents Formed amongst others. We also look at the Milestones (the discovery of the wheel, to the invention of zero and the internet) that changed and shaped the 21st century. From launch of the people's car Maruti, to beginnings of Air India and the billion dollar industry that is the IPL. We look at the risk-takers and leaders behind events and ideas that have molded the growth of modern India. Also check out our list of the top 10 gadgets to have for the 2013 and much more in this exciting issue!
BBC Knowledge - December 2013 / India

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