Men's Health Australia - March 2020

Men's Health Australia - March 2020
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I’mwriting this before we do a final ballot count and crown the winner of the first Men’s Health People’s Choice Cover.We’ve created two covers ready for the printers – because at last check there’s still no clear winner. Luke and Bobby are two of the forces behind ChrisHemsworth’s training juggernaut, Centr, and their camaraderie hasmade for compelling viewing. The truth is I’mquite enjoying living in blissful ignorance, in a world where either Luke or Bobby could end up on the cover of Men’s Health and neither of them hates me. In the halls ofMHwe have a strictly enforced test for cover-man selection: he who graces the covermust be inspirational yet still a bloke you’d want to have a beer with. I’ve been lucky enough to know both Bobby and Luke for the past few years, and hand-on-heart can promise that there is no wrong decision here. Imay even have voted for both in an effort to ease my conscience. One such beer was shared with Bobby last year at bustlingWaterloo Station, London.He’d just come off potentially career-ending back surgery. Though he was paying lip service to positivity, I could tell he wasn’t in a good place. As a stuntman for the likes of Bond and Thor, Bobby’s identity is wrapped up in his ability to performphysically, and with that in jeopardy he was struggling. It was then and there that he and I resolved to work together in the comingmonths, setting a framework for potentially the comeback of the year. Fast forward nine months to our Men’s Health cover shoot inMelbourne and Bobby is in better shape than possibly any coverman inMHhistory.However, in trueMHstyle, it has been his commitment over his comeback period that has served as the greatest inspiration to those around him. Bobby is now back on theMarvel payroll, falling fromrooftops in top physical condition, and an ever-attentive father. Every inch the coverman. Equally cover-worthy is Australian-grown Luke Zocchi: chef, shaper of superheroes and one of the health and fitness industry’smost positive forces. Those who know me well have often heard me say, “I want to be Zocco when I grow up”.How can one not aspire to his level of enthusiasm and thirst for life? It’s contagious. Zocc’s contribution to health and fitness extends beyond his work withHemsworth and his own quirky Instagramcook-ups.He’s grown his own legion of loyal fans thanks to a larrikin personality and commitment tomaking health and fitness accessible to all. The past twomonths of campaigning have been a blast, and I can’t thank Luke and Bobby enough for being such good sports.We’ll continue to work with both, regardless of the outcome this time, as they both share our core values. As I savour the final preciousmoments when either one of mymates could be your choice for the cover, I remind myself that health is the winner at the end of the day. And that’s all thatmatters. Update: Congrats, Luke.

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