Empire UK - June 2020

Empire UK - June 2020

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WHEN WE STARTED work on this issue, the world was normal. Or as normal as a world that produces a Sonic The Hedgehog movie can be. But by the time we were halfway through, the world had come to a sudden, unexpected stop. The coronavirus has wreaked havoc everywhere, including Hollywood, the rest of the global film industry, all of your lives, and of course us here at Empire too. Big blockbusters have been delayed indefinitely. A-list stars have hunkered down, just like the rest of us. Cinemas have been temporarily shuttered. This issue, meanwhile, was completed remotely, through a string of videoconferences that made us all feel like Matt Damon in The Martian. These are dark times, no doubt about it. But it’s important to remember — as Edgar Wright eloquently writes on page 8 — that there is always hope. And it is movies to which we often go to remind ourselves of that fact. There have been all manner of uplifting quotes and GIFs being shared on social media, as well as the inevitable Contagion memes. We’ve dived back into our favourite tales for comfort. And we look forward to the future, when those cinemas we love will open their doors once more. Until that day, we intend to keep celebrating the magic of movies with you. In the pages beyond, we look ahead to Wonder Woman 1984, the neon-lit return of everyone’s favourite Themysciran. Our special feelgood section pays tribute to some of the most endorphinboosting moments in celluloid history. And Tom Hanks — the man who survived four years of extreme social distancing in Cast Away — writes exclusively about his new film Greyhound, something he did while recuperating in coronavirus quarantine in Australia

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