Hustler USA - April 2020

Hustler USA - April 2020

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With his typical bogus hype, Trump likes to brag that the economy is the greatest of all time. He cites the bullish stock market (as if this actually affects most Americans' bottom lines) and the relatlvely low unemployment rate. But what he doesn't tell us is that so many of these new jobs are low-paying gigs servicing wealthy elites-"wealth work" is the fastest growing employment sector and includes pedicurists, pet caretakers, private cooks, gift wrappers and horse exercisers. In other words, Help me into my jodhpurs, Jeeves! Not exactly the kind of jobs that propel poor people into tile middle class. This shows that while the rest of America still struggles, the ultra-rich are getting richer, which is how they can afford these new platoons of humble servants.

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