Bass Guitar - June 2020

Bass Guitar - June 2020

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The argument about which rock band is the biggest in the world has been going on for decades – but in terms of sheer cultural weight and stadium presence, we reckon that the Rolling Stones take the crown in 2020. With that in mind, we’re absolutely delighted to welcome the mighty Darryl Jones to our cover, a bassist with incredible stories to tell and a relaxed attitude to fame and fortune from which we can all learn. Elsewhere, dig into our historic run-down of Fender versus Gibson, our interviews with Lee Sklar, Lena Abé, Jon Moody and the eight up-andcoming bass players in our new First Bass section. Read the results of our road-tests of amazing Ibanez, Ashdown, Trickfish, Darkglass and Hamstead gear, and absorb the wisdom of our state-of-the-art bass tuition section. All of bass life is here, even in these strange times. On which note, you may have noticed that this issue is a tad shorter than the magazine you’re used to. Blame the coronavirus: we’ve had to downsize because we don’t know how many copies will make it into the stores. We’re
making it anyway, because you deserve it. We suggest you take full advantage of our digital and subscription offers; there’s no reason why you should miss out just because you’re stuck indoors. Enjoy this issue, and remember to wash your hands before you pick up a bass. We’ll get through this – and we’ll still be playing the world’s coolest instrument on the other side. See you in June!

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