How It Works - Issue 137 2020

How It Works - Issue 137 2020

English | 84 pages | PDF

Long-distance running is hard…we canall agree on that. Justwatchamarathon andyou’ll seepeople strainingand sweating theirway through. You mightbe surprisedat the toll it takes onthehumanbody though– andthebenefits, despite the short-termdamage that’sdone totheheart and lungs. Inthis issue’s special feature,we explore what thebenefits of training for a marathonare, theimpact that race dayhas onyourbody at every mile,whatmuscles are employedwitheachstride andwhy certainrunning recovery techniques are so effective. It’s a fascinating read whether you’re a keenrunner or just interestedinhumanbiology.

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