Mountain Biking UK - May 2020

Mountain Biking UK - May 2020

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These are testing times. Not just because of worries about friends, loved-ones and livelihoods, but because we have no idea how long this situation is going to continue for. As I write this (from home, with constant interruptions from my kids – which thankfully shows they’re healthy), the government is still encouraging exercise, as long as it’s solo or with close family. If that’s still the case, I urge you to get out there, get your legs moving, enjoy the fresh air and clear your head. Just ride safe, because the last thing our overworked medics need is to be wasting resources scraping you off the trail. (Before you call us hypocrites, yes, there’s some risk-taking pictured in this issue, but all the photos pre-date social-distancing advice.) Of course, by the time you read this, circumstances may have changed. Perhaps a miracle cure will have been found – we can always hope. Or maybe tighter restrictions will have been imposed and we’ll be stuck at home. What we all need in times like this is a bit of escapism, so while we realise you may not be able to immediately go out and tackle some of the rides in this issue, hit the bike park or even buy a new bike, hopefully they’ll give you something to look forward to doing later in the year. If you’re worried about missing your monthly fix of MBUK, check out the great subs’ deal on p36 and the risk-free three-month home delivery offer on p116.

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