New Scientist - 25 November 2017

New Scientist - 25 November 2017

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THERE’S an old joke in renewable energy circles: nuclear fusion is 30 years away, and always will be. This is slightly unfair, but it carries awhiff of truth. The breakthrough always seems tantalisingly close, yetnever arrives. If biomedicine has a nuclear fusion of its own, it has to be psychedelic medicine. Every few years, there is a surge in scientific interest followed by breathless proclamations of the longawaited psychedelic renaissance.
The story always follows the same arc: psychedelic therapy showed huge promise in the 1950s,was crushed by the establishment in the late 1960s and is nowbeing revived by a group of fearless visionaries. In five years, 10 at the most, doctors will be routinely prescribing LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and other psychedelic drugs for a range of conditions.

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