Trout Fisherman - December 2017

Trout Fisherman - December 2017

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OBVIOUSLY, cane as a rod material has had its day, and it will never replace modern materials. But one of our contributors has enjoyed a few light sessions with cane rods up to 6ft, claiming that they’re a lot of fun. And that’s the point. We’ve become so obsessed with results these days – fish numbers and weights – that many of us have forgotten how to truly have fun and maybe enjoy the process rather than the end result. Why not enjoy what the old traditional gear used to offer from time to time? After all, those old cane rods can be found at reasonable prices if you search hard enough. Read Andy Parker’s ‘Be Inspired’ article on p6. We’ve got two areas of controversy in this month’s issue: the statement from the Angling Trust regarding flyfishing’s future at Chew Valley (see our news section), and of course the uproar from some fly anglers in response to Anglian Water slowly but surely opening their reservoir doors to predator anglers. Obviously, we all want Chew to remain open for longer than another year and if we campaign hard enough – and if anglers visit enough – then there’ll be a strong case.

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