Autocar UK - 6 December 2017

Autocar UK - 6 December 2017

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WHEN I TELL new acquaintances what I do for a living, right now they usually reply: “You’ll be out of a job when all these cars are driving themselves.” I certainly hope not. The popular opinion seems to be that, given the choice to buy a car that’s clever enough to drive itself and one created specifically to make the act of driving more enjoyable, the majority will choose the former. The assumption made is that convenience is king: the driverless car will make the driver’s car obsolete. Well, don’t bet on it. Product planners at Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and elsewhere will tell you their clever ideas about integrating autonomous tech into their cars without changing their fundamental nature. They’re also sure that their market isn’t about to dry up overnight, and with good reason. If our transport infrastructure ever develops suciently to take the need to get around out of the car-buying equation, the only reason left to drive one will be because you want to.

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