PC Pro - February 2018

PC Pro - February 2018

English | 132 pages | True PDF


HERE’S A RIDDLE. What object do you look at hundreds of times every day? Okay, that’s a little vague, so here are some more clues: it’s never more than a couple of feet away from your side, even when you’re sleeping; it can save you from boredom whenever you hit a quiet moment; and it’s at the heart of everything you do, both business and pleasure.
I admit this “riddle” wouldn’t stump Bilbo Baggins for more than a nanosecond, nor am I suggesting that your phone is more precious to you than your partner – that’s one you’ll have to grapple with in your own time – but ask yourself this: which do you pay more attention to when it makes a noise?
As such, it seems odd that many people are quite happy to pay £1,000 and above for a laptop, but collapse in horror at the thought of spending a similar amount on a phone. This, as Mr Spock would say, is not logical, Jim.

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