Fast Car - June 2020

Fast Car - June 2020

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So, a lot has changed in the last month. We’re in the middle of a countrywide Covid-19 lockdown. The pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives, some more than others, and it will so for many months to come. It’s hard to stay positive but that’s what we need to do – try and focus on the good that can come from this challenging situation. I don’t know about you, but it’s certainly made me appreciate the small things in life that are usually taken for granted. Like going for a quick blast, popping around your mates for a cuppa or heading to your local car meet. But on the fl ip side? I’ve found myself reconnecting with friends I haven’t spoken to in years, and there’s defi nitely a feeling of camaraderie in my local community, and bizarrely everyone actually seems a lot more cheery than normal. Plus half the population won’t need to buy bog roll or pasta for the next six months, meaning there’s going to be some proper spaghetti-based bargains to be had, and can you imagine the number of projects that will have been fi nished off during lockdown? That fi rst show is going to be insane!

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