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Harper's Bazaar Singapore - June 2018

Harper's Bazaar Singapore - June 2018

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In an ode to the iconic cover of Steve McQueen from the February 1965 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR US, the Singapore edition—a mere teen at 16-and-a-half-years-old—has put its first solo man on the main cover. Joseph Schooling, all goofy smiles and WWW.HARPERSBAZAAR.COM.SG HARPERSBAZAARSG HARPERSBAZAARSINGAPORE HARPERSBAZAARSG puppy dog eyes, is arguably Singapore’s newest and most lauded icon. When the then 21-year-old won
Singapore its first Olympic gold in 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, the wave of nationalistic pride was palpable. Such patriotism had not been seen since the loss of Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, the year before. Schooling came back and did a victory parade around Singapore, a privilege normally reserved for winning politicians at election time. He was granted an audience with parliament and, overnight, made swimming a sport that Singaporean parents and kids alike aspired to take up and legitimately carve into a career.

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