Men's Health USA - June 2020

Men's Health USA - June 2020

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I’VE BEEN thinking/pontificating/stressing about this question for about two weeks, hoping to buy myself some time to get a better sense of what “following the COVID-19 crisis” is actually gonna look like. To give you some context: I’m writing this in the middle of April, a month into working from home, a month into Zoom meetings and homeschooling, a month into worrying about everything while occasionally “exercising” (read: not really exercising), and there’s still no clear path to what will eventually pass for a new normal. “Following the COVID-19 crisis” remains, at best, an abstract concept for a lot of us, so as much as I want to tell you that home-workout technology is going to get more sophisticated, or that your next medical checkup will happen over video, or that we’re all meal (slash doomsday) preppers now, my guess is about as good as any Magic 8-Ball’s. CANNOT PREDICT NOW. ASK AGAIN LATER.

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