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Classic Land Rover - January 2019

Classic Land Rover - January 2019

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As the year of Land Rover’s 70th anniversary comes to an end there has been another reminder that time and tide wait for no one. As you’ll see from our obituary on page 14, Ken Wheelwright the noted restorer of Series Ones has died. It’s been 30 years since he restored a pair of 80ins and displayed them at events when Land Rover was marking its 40th anniversary. I remember going to the Yorkshire Rover Owners’ Club event at Langley Farm in Huddersfield and parking my trials-spec ’57 in the Series One line-up to hear everyone talking about the DELs. 437 DEL and 438 DEL were a pair of better than new 1950 80ins that Ken had meticulously restored and were also in the line up on one of their first outings. They now belong to Jaguar Land Rover. DEL’s boy, with his aptronymic surname, made a big impression on the classic Land Rover scene and it was a pleasure to have known him.

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