Octane UK - May 2020

Octane UK - May 2020

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FOR ANY MAN· MADE 'product' to fend off pretty much all technological advances for more than half a century and yet still be manufactured, and still be in massive demand, is impressive. To do that at the same time as spawning thousands of imitations (from the wonderful to the woeful) is, as the French say, the bomb. We are not just talking influential or iconic here, we are talking eternally youthful, uniquely regarded and, even though endlessly
copied, never bettered. 1hink Dua lit toaster. You can count on your fingers and toes the number of modem design icons that have reached such exalted status, yet we have at least one incontrove1tible example in this issue. Traced from its true genesis in the AC AceBristol (the engine mow1ts for the V8 had been fitted even before the Zephyr six was dropped in) to its finale as the awesome, shapely Daytona Coupe, it is one helluva story. You can argue w1til the sun fizzles out over when the last 'real' Cobra \\'llS built (most go for either before or after the MkIV), but the truth is you can still buy one brand new today, as well as that legion of replicas, some of which are indistinguishable from the real thing. Make no mistake, there are plenty of legendary classic cars that have been 12 replicated, continued and the like, but the scale of the Cobra 'industry' (and the adulation for the car) is both unprecedented and wunatched. Much the same can be said of Riva boats: you can still buy them new and they evoke all the class of the originals, even if the \\'llnn odour of mahogany has been replaced by the whiff of GRP. And while Rivas have never been replicated in quite the same blatant way as Cobras, there is an entire class of boat out there that simply wouldn't exist were it not for Carlo's epoch-defining 1950s and '60s beauties. No, not much can rival either Riva or Cobra for timelessness, except maybe the Bentley 3 Litre that Mark Dixon drove for this issue, but that's another story ...

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