House Beautiful UK - July 2020

House Beautiful UK - July 2020

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Finding the positives is something we’ve all had to do over the past few months. From the heroic efforts of our frontline workers to the simple acts of kindness of neighbours helping each other out, there’s been so much I’ve been feeling incredibly grateful for recently. The other thing this time has given us is the opportunity to pause and reflect on how we really live in our homes. Instead of just passing through on our way to work or out to visit friends and family, we now have the opportunity to see things we might not have noticed before – even the little everyday details, such as the way the sunlight moves around a room. This allows ideas to percolate and helps us to problem solve. Earlier this year, for instance, I moved house and had been struggling with ideas for what to do with our odd-shaped bathroom – it’s long and thin and the shower needs replacing. Being at home has enabled me to see a solution. Conversely, some things that felt like a problem suddenly don’t seem so important.

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