Amateur Photographer - 18 July 2020

Amateur Photographer - 18 July 2020

English | 68 pages | PDF

Are we too obsessed with sharpness in the digital age? Cartier-Bresson said ‘sharpness is a bourgeois concept’ but like it or not, pixel-peeping means we are all now painfully aware of soft shots, and it can be a deal-breaker for competitions, stock libraries or distinctions panels. Fortunately, modern image stabilisation systems in camera bodies and lenses can enable you to get crisp results handheld at leisurely shutter speeds– tripods haven’t all ended up at
car boot sales yet, but aren’t quite so de rigueur. So, don’t miss Angela Nicholson’s guide to image stabilisation in this issue. We also have a first look at Canon’s EOS R6 mirrorless camera, which comes with a range of ground-breaking lenses. The release is another reason to be cheerful, and a sign that makers are really getting back on track.

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