ImagineFX - October 2020

ImagineFX - October 2020

English | 100 pages | PDF

Hello there. When I was reading through Carlo Arellano’s workshop (see page 74), I gave out a squeal of delight on discovering his method for projects. He explains that he approaches every new design with the acronym F.A.C.T.S. where F stands for form, A is for archetype, C is for characterisation, T is for tools, and S refers to its silhouette. He follows this guide to make sure his art achieves its aim. This speaks to me. I’m a bit of an organiser and planner myself – I love a good list. I kept noticing even more prepping when reading through the mag… in Anya Jo Elvidge’s workshop (page 66) she explains how she starts with a mood board to help see the direction to take. Ashline, our sketchbook guest this issue, takes off to a café for an hour a day to sketch people. She has created a daily routine to help bolster her skills.

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