Fast Car - September 2020

Fast Car - September 2020

English | 84 pages | PDF

We’re not blowing our own trumpet here, okay maybe we are, but getting a feature in these pages is a big deal, and getting on the cover? Well, that’s reserved for the very fi nest builds; it’s not an easy task – unless your name is Shaun Quinn and creating sceneleading cars has become second nature.
I believe this is Shaun’s third cover, and I’ve genuinely lost count of the amount of car features he’s had. But the difference this time is that he’s come back with a new car – all of his other features were on his ever-evolving EK Civic. This time he’s kept to the Honda family but jumped to the top of the tree and bagged himself an NSX. Now, NSXs aren’t exactly cheap: they’re an appreciating classic (sorry, I need to go and have a word with myself for typing those words), so to take one, and then go balls-deep shows the kind of person Shaun is. He’s not worried what others think – his tattoos are testament to that – he just happily walks down the path he creates for himself. The fact that Shaun’s build is on the cover again probably pleases him, but it certainly won’t have been his end goal when he started pulling the NSX apart. He’s built this car for himself and no one else. And that’s the way it should be.

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