Shape USA - September 2020

Shape USA - September 2020

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The object you see me resting my hands on, above, is a 16-kilogram kettlebell (that’s 35 pounds, for those of us not schooled in the metric system). This, along with a few sets of 20-plus-pound dumbbells, has been my go-to piece of home workout gear these past months. I like to exercise with weights, and when gyms were no longer open, I ordered some equipment. Apparently, so did everyone else, because lighter weights were pretty much sold out. I opted for the heavier ones and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I saw and felt results. In fact, I was certain one of my cats had lost weight, because he felt so much lighter after a few weeks of lifting and swinging a weight load that tested my ability and pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone.

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