Hi-Fi World - September 2020

Hi-Fi World - September 2020

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It’s been said many times that loudspeakers are all the same – and going nowhere. Two or three Rice Kellogg drivers in a box that date in concept
from 1925. Not a lot has changed in the last 95 years! Yep, it’s all been refined and computers have made their contribution but multiple Rice Kellogg drivers in a box is one old idea with lots of weaknesses, most of which are little discussed. Reason being their manufacturers would rather not talk about what’s wrong with multiple drivers in a box, or worse they don’t even know. Bringing me to our lead review this month of the fascinating Magneplanar LRS loudspeaker, that you can read about on p10. This flat open panel has no box and no Rice Kellogg drivers. It throws the whole design proposition out of the window. So if you are a conscientious objector to modern loudspeakers, as some are, try this one! We’d like to know what you think, as would readers, so write in if you get to hear them.

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