The Classic MotorCycle - October 2020

The Classic MotorCycle - October 2020

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Though degrees of normality are slowly returning, it's all stfll far from normal out there in the world, so we continue on as before - trying to do the best we can, with what's available. We're now slowly getting to a place where we can start to be out and about; Gary Chapman and I did our first 'non family' photoshoot a couple of weeks ago - you'll see some of the pictures in this Issue (Moto Guzzi Model P) while another feature on the next month page. We're still living a hand-to-mouth existence; generally, by this time of the season, our cupboards would be flt to burst with 'stock' to see us through winter, but we've yet to be able to get to such a place, though, hopefully and without any more setbacks, the next month or so will see us replenish. Talking of setbacks - Mortons' (owner and publisher of this magazine) 'Normous Newark was due to return on August 16, but a virus spike in the surrounding area meant that, at the last minute, the event had to be cancelled. This would seem to be the future for the time being for the show side of Mortons' business; it makes planning somewhat trlckY. Still, as with the magazines, all are doing their best under trying circumstances. Otherwise, we've been managing to get out for several rides. Over three days, I did about 300 miles on the 1927 side-valve Sunbeam, as It is fast establishing itself as my favourite. One day was in the company of my dad and brother. both on their 1960s 500cc Velos. us agreeing where we'd meet up, allowing them to travel at their own pace, though I set off at the front. They never passed me. Granted, most of ft was on back roads, although there were some fairly main road spells, with the 'Beam clocking a steady 55 and feeling absolutely happy; it was one of those days with a little misty rain in the air, the perfect weather for an engine to run at Its sweetest. Marvellous.

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