Style at Home - October 2020

Style at Home - October 2020

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Finding the perfect property wasn’t easy,’ says Julie. ‘My husband Adam and I were looking to upsize, so that our home could double as an office for his company. ‘He has a small team that comes to work with us, so it was crucial to find somewhere with a home office and loo somewhat separated from the rest of the house. This was the very first property we viewed at the start of our search, and it was just a 10-minute walk from our home at the time.We liked that it had the office space that we wanted, but otherwise it didn’t exactly blow us away. It needed a lot of work, and neither Adam nor I were sure about taking on such a huge project, so we put this property in the “maybe” pile, and kept on looking. Over the weeks that followed, we viewed a number of houses. Each had its merits, but none met our criteria in terms of the all-important office space, so we decided to give the first property a second chance, and came to view it again. To our surprise and relief we found that we actually really liked it, despite all the work it needed. It offered more space
and potential than anywhere else we had viewed, and we could see it really suiting our lifestyle, so we took the plunge.

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