Pilot - October 2020

Pilot - October 2020

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Oh, wait; we already have! Well no small proportion of the younger populat ion, it seems. Close on the heels of t he revelation that 67 per cent of those aged 18-24 didn't know what t he Battle of Britain was ('Pilot Not es', September 2020) came an Imperial War Museum press release that mangled Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding's name as 'Dowden'. A minor and perhaps underst andable error for a layman to make, but coming from one of today's
museum professionals, you wonder where we are heading with all this. Perhaps t his issue's special Battle of Britain eight ieth anniversary sect ion, which begins on page 44, will help jog memories all around! Pilot is not a history book - you only need to turn to all the latest news in 'Not es', Pat Malone's profile of young female pilot Ellie Carter (p.22) and Ian Meredith's review of just -released FS2020 (p.74) to see we are very much focussed on matters of the moment. However, as the GA magazine of record, Pilot's features and articles do become t he f irst draft of hist ory.

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