Retro Gamer - Issue 155 2016

Retro Gamer - Issue 155 2016

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I was envious of the NES growing up. It might not have had the success in the UK that it achieved in the rest of the world, but its infl uence loomed over my childhood. I would regularly play the console that was set up in the Boots at Boscombe, alternating between Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros..
I’d play on that NES for as long as possible, but it was never enough time, as there was always someone else wanting to play on it. The graphics were astonishing, while the smooth scrolling, character designs and gameplay reminded me of the arcade games I loved playing. The NES made my Amstrad
feel obsolete, and I loved my Amstrad, but it’s high price point and cost of the games meant it was never more than a pipe dream. When I could afford to buy my fi rst 8-bit console, I sided with the Master System, mainly due to it having many of the Sega arcade games that I used to love playing.
I never forgot the NES, though, or how it hinted at the larger world of gaming that I was slowly becoming aware of. It’s with great pleasure, then, that we’ve been able to interview the very man whose creation left such a big impression on me growing up. Regardless of how you feel about the so called
‘revisionist history’ that surrounds Nintendo’s 8-bit console, you will hopefully fi nd this story as fascinating as I did.

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