Guitar World - November 2020

Guitar World - November 2020

English | 124 pages | PDF

WELCOME TO OUR 40th-anniversary issue! Right off the bat, if the cover looks a little classier than usual, it's thanks to artist Steve Mitchell (the creator of that gigantic "40") and our longtime art director, Mixie von Bormann. Issue after issue, Mixie takes thousands of words, sentences, paragraphs, pull-quotes, photos, captions and headlines - along with a few sketchy notes and jokes from me - and turns them into this habitually good-looking magazine.
Since I'm feeling sentimental, let me also thank Jimmy Brown, our insanely-longtime senior music editor, who toils away endlessly in the shadows (for more about his shadowy toiling, head to page 59); Paul Riario, our ultra-longtime tech editor, who's usually out there starring in a video or shipping a guitar while I'm playing my B-bender in my underground lair; Alan Chaput, our not-very-longtime video editor, who has the most impressive work ethic this side of John 5; and everyone who contributes to the creation of this magazine every month, including Chris Gill, Andy Aledort, Jeff Perrin and Jem Roberts. I'd also like to thank a few former staffers and associates, all of whom contributed to this special issue - Jeff Kitts, Brad Tolinski, Richard Bienstock, James Rotondi, Joe Bosso and Alan di Perna - plus James Wood. Finally, I offer mucho thanks to our incredible web team (Michael Astley-Brown and Jackson Maxwell) and sales crew, plus Future PLC, the thousands of guitarists we've covered since 1980, and our readers, past, present and future, without whom, well, you know the rest!

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