Penthouse USA - March 2020

Penthouse USA - March 2020
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FITNESS science delivered some great news in recent years. Turns out short bursts of intense exertion (as short as 20 seconds, repeated a few times) do amazing things for the health of your body—as kickass in many ways as taking a long, sweaty run. That means you can increase your heart health, burn body fat, upgrade your endurance, and literally add years to your life with workouts like sprinting, speedclimbing stairs, swimming full-out, or pedaling fast—and you don’t have to set aside 90 minutes of your day. Over and over this past decade, health studies reached the same basic conclusion: move more, sit less. And just a little movement can go a long way. Simply replacing a few sedentary minutes with minutes of motion, fast or slow, confers benefits. No need to go full Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV, training for his match with Ivan Drago. No need, that is, to hoist rocks and do inverted crunches in a stable loft soundtracked by that very bad, very eighties song “Hearts on Fire.” The research is in on getting away from your screens, and getting outside. A walk in a park, a hill climb, a hike, yardwork—these things improve both physical and mental well-being. And spring is here. The days are warmer and longer. A perfect time to hit the outdoors. In this issue, we dive into the world of health and fitness, looking at diets that work, ways of introducing short, high-intensity exercise into your life, podcasts to provide inspiration, and exercise and wellness trends more bogus than legit. We meet a top chef, Marcel Vigneron, who cooks tasty, healthy food and also loves to get out into nature, where he does his best thinking. And there’s lots more. We’re thrilled to present our gorgeous March and April Pets, Meaghan Stanfill and Violet Summers, and some exciting news about the most scandalous, sex-filled, and ambitious movie ever made, Caligula. So say hello to spring, get out there and move, and enjoy the issue!

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