Wired USA - April 2020

Wired USA - April 2020
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NOT LONG AGO, I WAS DRIVING WITH MY three sons back from trying to ski on a mountain that doesn’t really have snow anymore, and we were talking about climate change. They’re 11, 9, and 6, and they’re upset, as they should be. They know that their adult years will be spent in a world of raging fires, flash floods, and mass extinction. They love Greta and resent their elders. The future feels different and vaster when the actuarial tables give you 80 years to go, not 40. We talked about turning our thermostats down, eating less meat, and putting the cable box on a smart plug. I promised to install solar panels. I tried futilely to explain what capitalism is and why it was still a reasonable way to organize human affairs, despite CO2 levels now reaching 415 ppm. I told them there was still time. They found my explications unpersuasive and mostly shared each other’s anger (except when the older boys reported that some environmentalists argue against having three children; that didn’t go over well with their little brother). Gradually, though, their rage turned to pragmatism. That’s when my oldest son asked: “If there’s one thing that I could invent that would help, what would it be?”

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