Harper's Bazaar UK - May 2020

Harper's Bazaar UK - May 2020

English | 212 pages | PDF

The poetry of Mary Oliver was once described as ‘an excellent antidote for the excesses of civilisation’. Certainly, I have found it a source of philosophical consolation when dealing with the unprecedented challenges caused by the current health crisis, in which previous certainties suddenly shift. As I write, we don’t know what its full impact will be; and faced with such unpredictable disruption, one can only obey Oliver’s dictum, and try to rise above it all in search of eternal truths and timeless joys. One such, for me, is our kaleidoscopic floral fashion story ‘Marigold rush’, shot for us by the extraordinarily talented artist and photographer Erik Madigan Heck, which is not only sartorially inspirational, but also an uplifting reminder that the

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