The Sunday Sport - 5 April 2020

The Sunday Sport - 5 April 2020

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WHO do we have to thank the most for their sterling work during the coronacrisis? The doctors, nurses and NHS auxiliary staff? Of course. The police bravely keeping order and using space-age drones to prevent quarantine-breakers spreading the virus over huge tracts of empty countryside? Naturally. The supermarket staff risking life and limb to keep panic-buyers in bog roll and Pop-Tarts? Goes without saying. But in all the tsunami of praise directed at our key workers, are we not forgetting one group? The world’s celebrities. Film stars, pop stars, reality TV stars. For these social butterflies, the world has ended. No more nail-extension launch parties in Fancy London. No more red carpet adulation at glittering premieres. No more supermarket openings, not even any filming on their latest blockbuster. But even though our celebrities are facing hardship and pain, they still battle on – taking to social media to keep our spirits up in these dark times. Their video messages are the modern equivalent of Churchill’s speeches or Vera Lynn’s melodies. Maybe today we can all lean out of our windows and give the world’s showbiz celebrities a huge round of applause.

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