Autocar UK - 25 March 2020

Autocar UK - 25 March 2020

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IN THIS STRANGE new world, it doesn’t feel quite right to describe a new car as ‘vitally important’ - even one as eagerly anticipated as the new Land Rover Defender. So from that perspective, let’s describe this car as signifi cant, both for the fi rm that makes it and the British car industry (yes, even if it is made in Slovakia). The old Defender was the machine that underpinned Land Rover’s off - road authenticity and, as the debate over the new look
refl ects, any attempt to reinvent it was going to be divisive. Still, Land Rover clearly wanted to create a true Defender, without collapsing under the burden of the name’s history. Has it managed to? Well, Matt Prior has driven the new car extensively in Namibia, and his expert opinion can be read overleaf – but, in short, yes. It may not be the Defender you recall, but it is a hugely capable, modern 4x4. As Prior notes, it’s a car that can cope with all conditions on any adventure you might take it on. And in this strange new world, it’s good to know such vehicles exist – so that we can all look forward to fun, bold expeditions in a brighter future.

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