Hustler USA – December 2020

Hustler USA - December 2020
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  • The year 2020 has been one of the most chaotic in American history. We’ve had the worst pan- demic since the Spanish flu, the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, social justice protests and counterprotests across the country, and the whole West Coast, where I live, has blazed like Dante’s Infer– no with uncontrollable wildfires.
  • On top of all this, it appears—as I write before know- ing the results of the November 3rd election—that more chaos will ensue if the election is disputed. An unofficial group called the Transition Integrity Proj- ect has been war-gaming scenarios for a close elec- tion, and it looks ugly. Trump has already suggested that he might not honor a peaceful transfer of power, while Hillary Clinton has said that Biden should not concede “under any circumstances.” And at press time Congress is busy ramrodding through the con- firmation of a Trump-nominated conservative Justice, just in case a disputed election finds its way to the Supreme Court.

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