Hustler USA – November 2008

Hustler USA - November 2008
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  • When you think of the things we love about our country, chances are you’re thinking of laws and programs created by Democratic administrations. It was Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, who ushered in the 19th Amendment, which established a woman’s right to vote- no small matter. Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced unemploy­ ment compensation, welfare and Social Secur­ ity to protect workers, children, the handi­ capped and the elderly. Lyndon B. Johnson , also a Democrat, gave us improved product labeling, the Freedom of Information Act and­ most importantly-the Civil Rights Act.
  • Social programs and protections for the working class have been spotty on the Repub­lican side of the ledger and virtually nonexist­ ent since Ronald Reagan. In fact, starting with Reagan, past gains have consistently been pushed back or eliminated altogether. So when you ask yourself what’s at stake this election cycle, the answer is simple: everything!

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